BLUSH - About Us


It’s very hard to put our fashionable life story into plain and simple words. It’s not easily defined with a paragraph or two. It’s more like we need 24-7, cameras in hand, Instagram ready and daily updating in our “About Us” section to actually get a glimpse—that’s us, we love it and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To be quite honest, the Blush Team is embraced by a group of fashion addicts whose fashion sense just comes naturally. We girls are all so unique and different. We come from all paths of life; have stories for days and interests unlike the next, but the one thing that binds us forever and ever is our obsession with fashion and all things stylish. We each have our own style and taste, and aren’t afraid to be bold. We, along with the killer clothes, are what really make Blush one of Miami’s hottest one-stop-shops for everything trendy and fashionable.

Now, here is a little background information for the history buffs. Blush Boutique first opened its doors in 1999 as a local Miami clothing boutique specializing in the season’s best selections. Since then, Blush has become the leader of fashion retailers in the South Florida area. With its five stores focusing on the latest in hip and trendy women’s fashions, this small chain of boutiques earned the reputation as the “must-go-to” stores when looking for a perfect outfit. The stores have an incredible vibe that epitomizes the sexiness, beauty, and uniqueness of Miami. The Blush nation stretches across the Miami area, with stores in South Miami, Brickell, Palmetto Bay, Miami Beach and Pinecrest.

The online boutique,, strives to become a destination for Internet shoppers who want great customer service, unparalleled selection, and clothes that emits an infectious energy that makes customers feel young, sexy, and important.