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  • Royal Wedding: Pippa Gets Married!

    Posted on May 24, 2017.

    Pippa Middleton’s dream wedding was held this past Saturday, and by all accounts, it did sound like something out of a dream. Pippa wed James Matthews, a hedge fund millionaire, at St. Mark’s Church in Englefield, England. It was every bit the royal countryside wedding that the couple was reportedly hoping for.

    After the official ceremony, close friends and family got together for a champagne brunch at the Englefield Estate. Guests of the brunch dined on delicacies like foie gras and langoustine claws. Fancy! Then, the party began at the home of Pippa and Kate’s parents (which just so happens to be a huge mansion called the Bucklebury Manor). A crystal palace was built on the property to
    set the perfect ambiance for this star-studded, black-tie affair.

    Of course, Pippa’s sister, Kate, was in attendance, along with her two royal kids, and Prince William, among other royals. Prince Harry attended as well, and his girlfriend (and rumored soon-to-be fiancé), Meghan Markle attended the evening reception.

    Oh, and of course, we have the deets on what Pippa wore on her special day. Pippa’s gown was a custom cotton silk lace piece by Giles Deacon, and she accented the dress with custom Manolo Blahnik Seneca shoes. To add a personal touch, she wore the same pear-cut diamond drop earrings that she wore to her royal sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. Her look was the real dream, and she pulled it off perfectly!

  • Top Summer Vacay Destinations

    Posted on May 22, 2017.

    Whether you want to do a girl’s trip, or travel solo, summer is a great time to explore. Where to go? Obviously, the choices are endless, but here are a few places our wanderlust is directing us towards in a major way:

    -Bali – Most famous as being a backdrop to Elizabeth Gilbert’s most sacred “Eat, Pray, Love” moments. Bali is all that and more… and what you may not realize is that it’s also a place you can visit on a budget. Yes, everything you’ve heard is true, Bali is home to gorgeous, villa-style hotels, coastline views, spas and saunas to rejuvenate the soul, cooking classes… this is definitely a place people come to recharge. But the other side of Bali is the nightlife. There are many rooftop bars with fantastic views, often with live music or featured DJs. Bali wants you to have whatever type of vacay you want to have, and at a sweet price.

    -Hong Kong… let us count the reasons why. First off, it’s a bargain shopper’s paradise, with both international brands and local, trendy shops offering insane bargains. Secondly, if you like exotic food, this is the place to get some legit dim sum! Lastly, it’s not all bright city lights; Hong Kong has many gorgeous and super-scenic hiking trails, some overlooking the beach, so you can work off that yummy Chinese food. This city has it all!

    -With a lot of attention on Canada lately, it dawned on us that Montreal makes for an amazing summer trip to our neighbors up north. Why? Well, there’s a lot to explore… think cobblestone roads along Old Montreal, home to cute restaurants and boutiques, as well as more modern shopping areas, award-winning cuisine, summer jazz festivals, and pretty nature (within walking distance of silver lakes). This cosmopolitan city’s residents have a reputation for being friendly, so make some new friends while you’re there (Justin Trudeau, where you at?)!

    Where are you heading this summer? Share with us – we’d love to know!

  • Astrology Update: Bye, Retrograde

    Posted on May 4, 2017.

    We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, because as of Wednesday, Mercury is no longer in retrograde! Yep, after almost a month, the potential for chaos that comes with Mercury being in retrograde is finally over.

    For those familiar with astrology, you already know that a planet is in retrograde when it is moving in a direction opposite to planet Earth, and is therefore in rest. Mercury, in particular, is known to have a rough retrograde period, as it is the planet that governs communication. As you can imagine, when Mercury’s communication vibes are in this period of rest, it’s very wise to put off important or binding decisions, having any type of confrontational conversations, and even writing work emails, just because these important things may not go as smoothly as you’d like, and misunderstandings are likely to occur. This period is hardest on relationships, so you can finally have that conversation with your boo that you’ve been waiting to have, at long last.

    So that’s the good news – we’re in the clear for the summer with Mercury. The bad news? Yep, it goes back into retrograde on August 13th, so get out whatever you have to say this summer!

  • Fashion Stars of the 2017 Met Gala

    Posted on May 3, 2017.

    The Met Gala is always a celebrity-studded event featuring the most avant-garde fashion, and this year’s Gala, held on Monday at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, was no different. The theme was Rei Kawakubo’s “Comme des Garcons” label, a Japanese collection featuring non-conformist designs. As usual, we were glued to the fashion and couldn’t wait to round up a list of the best-dressed. Here’s a peek at our list:

    -We LOVED Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren trench coat gown. With a slit up one leg, a sprawling train, and a very dramatic, off-the-shoulder collar, it was a perfect example of classy-meets-edgy, and definitely fitting of the non-conformist theme. Sparkly Jennifer Fischer earrings added just a touch of glam to the mix. Well done!

    -Lily Collins perfectly blended girly and edgy in a gown by Giambattista Valli. With the strapless, tight black sweetheart top and the contrasting fluffy, cotton candy-like pink bottom, this was certainly a twist on the traditional that Kawakubo can appreciate. Her sleek black bob and black lipstick finished the look.

    -The hands-down winner of the Met Gala, according to EVERYBODY, was definitely Rihanna. Actually wearing a piece by Kawakubo herself, she looked stunning. In a mix-up of petal-shaped textile and floral print fabric, Rih finished the look with red heels that laced all the way up her legs, and a flattering red eyeshadow/blush look that we totally want to steal for our next night out.

    Until next year, Met Gala!

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