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  • The Easiest Diet Tips Ever!

    Posted on September 29, 2016.


    We all struggle with eating healthily day to day. And with the holidays starting to come into view, the struggle gets a little more real. So we put together a couple simple tips that take little to no effort to get your daily diet under control before you get bombarded with pumpkin spice errything:

    -Many times when we feel hungry, it can actually be dehydration, if you aren’t drinking enough water (you know who you are!). Next time you get hunger pangs, drink a tall glass of water and see if that changes anything.

    -Cut out soda and sugary drinks! These are empty calories that don’t stave off your hunger, so you’re just adding calories where there doesn’t need to be any. If you find water boring, add cucumber and lemon to make things interesting. But for the last time, water!

    -If you’re a sugar addict, swap out your cinnamon bun for fresh pineapples and strawberries. Oh, you prefer salt? Grab some hummus and crackers, and skip the Doritos. We promise these types of swaps will do the trick.

    -Don’t feel guilty refusing things you don’t want to eat or drink! This goes for birthday cake in the office, or a sugary cocktail on a date. You can just let people know that you’re trying to eat a bit healthier, and they should be able to respect that. After all, the rudest thing you can do in this situation is to yourself, by ingesting calories you don’t even want!

    -Lastly, make any changes to your diet slowly, so that you’re comfortable with the changes you are making. And forgive yourself if you slip up and have a few Oreos. It’s okay to indulge here and there, as long as it isn’t a constant routine. Everything in moderation, and you’ll be just fine.

  • Say Bye To Brangelina

    Posted on September 27, 2016.


    Say it ain’t so! Our most beloved Hollywood couple has split. Ok, so we kinda hated Angelina when it seemed like she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, years ago. But six kids and a wedding later, we can’t help but love them. They’ve traveled the world for humanitarian causes, collaborated on movies, and, honestly, have been the best looking couple to hot Hollywood in forever. So why the split? There are several theories that may contribute to Brangelina calling it quits:

    -The most scandalous story given is that Brad fell for French costar Marion Cotillard on the set of “Allied,” and began cheating on Angie with Marion. Word on the street says Angelina suspected the secret coupling, and hired a private investigator, who uncovered the affair.

    -Some say that Angie is leaning more towards the humanitarian aspects of her life, while Brad enjoys remaining in the Hollywood circuit, and this dissonance has totally driven the couple apart. Sources have described Brad as being in somewhat of a mid-life crisis, and enjoying the glitz and glamour of tinseltown, while Angie is becoming more serious about her life’s purpose.

    -We don’t want to believe this one, but other sources have said that Brad has anger issues, along with a tendency to drink too much. Ugh, not our Brad! But seeing that Angelina is looking for sole custody of the kids, this just might be true.

    Jennifer Aniston is celebrating somewhere…

  • Finally! The New iPhone is Revealed

    Posted on September 22, 2016.


    Much to the iCommunity’s happiness, the iPhone 7 was released on Friday. In many ways, it’s practically the same as the iPhone 6, but there are some key differences (some good, some not so good):

    -Marketing for the 7 is heavily reliant on the fact that this phone is designed to withstand a bit of water. Gone are the days of absolute panic when you’re in the middle of a heated text convo, and a little bit of rain sprinkles down! Yep, that’s right, this new gadget can take a little water without getting its wires crossed. This is great for those who like to exercise outside with their iPhone (it’s definitely our favorite workout buddy), because rain or shine, you can keep on keepin’ on.

    -Another cool feature on the 7 is its impressive dual camera. This feature is long overdue, as camera phones just cannot take photos as high quality as those taken with a real camera, and yet “real” cameras have been all but phased out, leaving us with, well, tons of poor quality pictures. The dual camera on the iPhone 7 allows users to take much higher quality pictures, as the two lenses aid each other in getting that perfect shot. Very cool.

    -And now the not so good. The iPhone 7 only allows access to the Home button by pressing with an actual finger (or other conductive object, but we can’t think of any others….). Meaning, as winter approaches, you’re gonna have to take off those gloves to be able to use the Home button. Major bummer for our friends up north, but here in Miami, no one really even owns gloves, so we could think of worse glitches J

    All in all, cool phone. Thanks, Apple!

  • Dessert Trend: Ice Cream Rolls!

    Posted on September 20, 2016.


    There’s a new dessert trend that we’re totally all over: ice cream rolls! Originating in Thailand, this is a treat that is becoming massively popular in New York. Ice cream rolls are what you get when the ice cream chef mixes liquid ice cream with your choice of toppings on a cold plate, spreads the mixture into a very thin, fine layer (almost like they are making a crepe) with an ice cream scraper, and then quickly freezes the concoction and rolls it up into adorb little ice cream rolls, serving it to you in a cup. Top it off with whipped cream and sprinkles, and you have perfection!

    With 10Below (10 Mott Street) Ice Cream being the hot spot to get this cold treat in NYC, there are other places popping up across the country serving this delicious treat. We’re seeing ice cream rolls in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Boston. Jealous much? Yes, yes we are. We’re praying to the ice cream gods that this treat makes its way to Miami. Until then, we looked up a cool recipe to make Oreo brownie ice cream rolls at home:


    -1 brownie

    -1 Oreo cookie
    -1.5 oz. of whole milk
    -2 oz. of heavy cream
    -1 tablespoon of sugar
    -1 pinch of salt

    - stir all ingredients except for brownie and Oreo in cooking pot until boiling
    - fill the boiled liquid into a 9-inch steel skillet
    - crush the Oreo and brownie ingredients with two scrapers
    - spread ice cream mix evenly in the skillet; you can use a steel whisk for spreading across

    (tip: make sure that your ice cream liquid consists of 50% cream or more!)
    - place the skillet with the liquid into the freezer for 3 hours
    - remove the skillet from the freezer
    - take a thin scraper and scratch the frozen ice cream to rolls (keep room temperature as low as possible)
    - place the ice cream rolls on a plate
    - garnish your homemade ice cream rolls with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce



  • Prep Your Closet For College

    Posted on September 15, 2016.


    It’s that time of year – yep, school time. And whether you’re a first-year college student, or an old pro headed back for a new year, we wanted to prepare you with a quick list of essentials for any college girl’s closet. Yes, we know most days will be a sweatpants and tee shirt kinda day, but stay ready for anything with the following staples on hand:

    -Skinny jeans! These are an essential because some occasions do call for real pants! We highly recommend a dark wash, just to make them pop as much as possible against the sea of casual clothing that college is.

    -A sundress. Sundresses are perfectly in-between casual and dressy, which is what countless college events call for, especially around back-to-school time. Pair with wedges for the perfect “hey, this is what I look like when I put effort into it!” look.

    -Headbands. May sound random, but if you’re a girl with pretty much any length hair, cute headbands are soo necessary for keeping your hair out of your face while you’re reading and studying, while also adding a cute touch to often-sloppy library outfits.

    -Backpack. The good news is, backpacks are, well, back, so there are lots of chic options to choose from. If you do one thing right at your 8AM chemistry class, make it your plaid mini backpack with leather trim.

    -Ok, so we totally get that sweatpants will basically be your uniform, especially once it gets chilly out. But don’t give up completely on fashion! Invest in some cute sweats with lace panels or a more fitted silhouette. After all, what will you wear when the cute guy one dorm over wants to Netflix & chill?

  • Just Another Love Song

    Posted on September 13, 2016.


    Another day, another Taylor Swift update. It literally feels like just last week that we were discussing her awful breakup with Calvin Harris and how she was moving on with her new man, Tom Hiddleston (reality check: Taylor was first actually linked to Tom in May). It looks like Taylor’s time with Tom may have just been a summer fling, as their relationship ended very publicly last week.

    The big question: Why? Well, apparently Tom wanted their relationship to be a bit more open to the public, but Tay Tay preferred to keep their love away from the world’s view. Being that Taylor is way more famous than Tom, we totally get that she’s been burned by putting too much of her personal life out there before. Also, Tom’s wishes to parade their relationship may have rubbed Taylor the wrong way, as there are rumors that Tom was using Taylor for fame and for a shot at landing the role of the next James Bond. If that was Tom’s plan, it definitely blew up in his face, as we highly doubt this was the kind of fame he was looking for.

    The upside: we hear Taylor is back in the studio, and all of this heartwrenching drama makes for great material. When she’s ready to drop new music, we will be holding the bar high on love songs from Miss Swift!

  • Drake Comes To Miami

    Posted on September 8, 2016.

    LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 28: Drake performs at the New Look Wireless Birthday Party at Finsbury Park on June 28, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

    Although Drake & Future’s Summer Sixteen tour has been on the road since July, Drake made it very clear at his August 30th & 31st Miami concerts that these were the concerts he was looking most forward to. And it definitely showed in his amazing back-to-back nights of performances!

    He repeatedly told his Miami crowds that Miami was a very special place to him, not just because he used to live here, but because Miami showed a lot of love for his music when he was just starting out. Maybe this is why, on Night 2, he brought out not only Lil Wayne, but none other than Rihanna! While the status of their relationship remains a mystery, she put on an excellent show, performing “Work” and “Bitch Better Have My Money.” And of course, Riri and Drake sharing a little kiss on stage was super cute (aww!)!

    Future also had his moment on stage, performing some of his solo hits and then bringing Drake back on stage for a couple of their collaborations, including “Jumpman.” But really, these were Drake’s nights. He covered every song that us die-hard Drake fans were craving, and the party reportedly continued BOTH nights at 24/7 club E11even. How’s that for a tour?

  • Pre-Fall Trends 2016!

    Posted on September 6, 2016.

    With Labor Day just out of sight, it’s time to start thinking about fall. And while yes, we’re excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, we’re even more psyched about all of the pre-fall trends that designers are currently showcasing, especially because this season, there is just so much to love. Here’s a rundown of our favorite fashion trends going into fall:

    -Leopard print is everywhere, especially on outerwear. While we’ve never turned our back on leopard print to begin with (c’mon, we live in Miami), we’re excited to see this luxurious print in high demand.

    -A denim craze is in full effect, with many designers displaying ensembles of putting denim tops with denim bottoms. Truly a 90s girl’s dream come true, we love the modern edge designers are bringing to this born-again trend.

    -Floral print is having a moment, but this isn’t your kid sister’s floral. We’re talking bolder print in more subtle colors and more modern silhouettes, resulting in a very grown-up take on a print we’ve always loved for summer, but that’s looking even better for fall.

    -Slip dresses are all the rage this season, becoming modern thanks to laser cutting, as well as intricately layering, and mixing and matching colors and materials. Also, we absolutely love when a trend is this easy to wear! Seriously, ladies, does fashion get any easier than this?!

    -Although we will probably not be wearing this particular trend here in sunny Florida, we think you should know that shearling detail is decorating outerwear big time this season. Designers cannot get enough of this sporty yet luxurious trim, and neither can we (at least to look at!).

  • All White Errything

    Posted on September 1, 2016.


    One of the strictest fashion rules has definitely been lifted for the modern-day fashion forward chica: yes, you can wear white after Labor Day! Says who? Says women across the country who are wearing white in the fall in decidedly more put-together ways than how summer white is worn. Of course, here in Miami, we tend to follow less of these fashion “rules” to begin with, as it is still beach weather most of the winter. But in general, here are some easy ways to transition white into your fall wardrobe:

    1. White & Black: wearing this classic combination of colors is stylish and grounds the white a bit, making it look less like mid-summer wear.
    2. Structure: wear structured white pieces like tailored jackets or boot-cut pants to, well, structure the look a bit and make it more wearable for fall.
    3. Accessories: sometimes, adding the pop of a white bag or some white bangle bracelets to an otherwise non-white outfit is the perfect way to keep a touch of brightness to your outfit.

    So celebrate this Labor Day weekend without that panicky feeling of knowing it’s your last chance to wear white for a while. Cheers to that!

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