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  • Beauty Secret: Coffee?

    Posted on July 29, 2016.


    Some say that drinking coffee causes skin issues (although that would never stop us from drinking it, lol). And everything you ingest can cause a different reaction within your body than it does to the next person. That being said, there’s a lot of evidence pointing to coffee being applied topically causing amazing results to skin and hair. Here’s just a couple ways to get the complete benefits of your beloved coffee:

    -Coffee masks are big right now, and with good reason. Studies show that applying a good ground coffee mask brightens the skin to a lovely glow. When mixed with a bit of coconut oil, a coffee mask can also noticeably tighten the skin.

    -The ingredients in coffee cause a major reduction in eye puffiness. Try an eye cream that contains caffeine for a quick fix to puffiness (and sip a latte for the full caffeine effect, we say).

    -There are actually coffee hair masks out there, which not only encourage fuller hair, but increase the shininess of hair. We’re down to try it, and even more down for our hair to smell like coffee.

    -Caffeinated body scrubs are all the rage right now. Scrub down to your smoothest self, as the body scrubs enhance your skin in much the same way that they do in your face, by creating a chemical reaction that removes toxins, and the added benefit of temporarily removing cellulite.

    So, coffee lovers rejoice, your favorite beverage has even more benefits to it than you thought!

  • Shady Swift?

    Posted on July 27, 2016.


    Singer Taylor Swift performs during her "1989" world tour at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Friday, July 10, 2015. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


    It officially hasn’t been Taylor Swift’s week. After high-profile feuds with the likes of Kimye and Katy Perry, her recent public feud with ex Calvin Harris is bringing her integrity into question by celebs and us regular people alike. Here’s a quick play by play of Taylor’s very public tussles:

    -Swift’s feud with rapper Kanye West has been on-and-off since, like, the beginning of time. The latest is a dispute as to whether West had permission to use Taylor’s name (and refer to her as “that bitch”) on his recent song, “Famous.” Swift claims she never OK’d the reference to her, but Kim K then posted a video clip of West and Swift verbally agreeing to the “Famous” reference. At best, it sounds like Taylor was caught in a half-lie – she then stated she had OK’d the song, but not being called a “bitch” in the lyrics. Backtracking much?

    -Swift also once feuded with pop star Katy Perry. Apparently, Swift hired some of Perry’s dancers to work on her world tour for her “Red” album. Perry then invited them on HER world tour for her album “Prism,” but it would hinder them from completing work on Swift’s tour. They took Perry’s offer anyway. Tweets were posted, and Swift gave a lengthy interview to Rolling Stone magazine, detailing her beef with Perry without naming her. We just can’t imagine fighting with someone who loves glitter and wearing fruit-embellished outfits as much as Perry does.

    -Swift’s most recent feud was with DJ Calvin Harris, who also happens to be her ex, has finally gotten some people to wonder how sweet of a girl Swift really is. There was a dispute (after the break up, mind you) as to whether Swift helped pen one of Harris’ latest songs. Harris’ tweet was ominous: “I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy.” Harsh words!

    Whether you’re team Swift or not, stay tuned, because it sounds like more is to come in this war of words!

  • Rio-Ready: The Fierce Five

    Posted on July 22, 2016.


    The Olympic trials are through, and USA’s women’s gymnastics team final lineup features such powerhouses that they are being called the Fierce Five. Who are these amazing ladies? None other than Gabby Douglas (gold medalist at the 2012 Olympics), Aly Raisman (who has won 3 Team USA medals), Simone Biles (a 4-time champion in the U.S. Olympics(!), and arguably the greatest female gymnast ever), Laurie Hernandez (a first-year senior-level gymnast, but a quickly rising favorite in the gymnastics world), and Madison Kocian (she won the uneven bars world title in 2015).

    This team has created a lot of buzz as they prepare to compete in the 2016 Olympics, taking place in Rio. It’s partly an exciting mix of proven talent and upcoming stars, partly their individual stories (did you know Gabby Douglas was the first black gymnast to win an individual Olympic gold medal?!) and also a big dose of excitement of seeing powerful girls come together and compete for something huge.

    The 2016 Olympics begin airing on August 5th. Do not miss out on these ladies making history!

  • One-Piece Wonder

    Posted on July 15, 2016.


    We know you’re in total beach mode and shopping for hot bikinis to flaunt by the sea. We gotta say, though, that one-piece swimsuits are having a major moment. Once thought of as mom’s swimsuit, the one-piece is suddenly back (and trending) big time. Here are some trends that have brought the one-piece back to life:

    -Strappy suits: Maybe a low-V neck with spaghetti straps, or maybe accent straps horizontal to a low back, but straps have turned grandma suits into seriously sexy swimswear.

    -Flattering cuts: Think high-cut to the hips, low necklines (even to the belly button), and low back cuts. These cuts are totally redefining the one-piece.

    -Monokinis: These sultry pieces are not for the faint of heart. Monokinis are technically one pieces, but they look like bikinis from the back. Let’s just say there’s not much fabric in between the top and bottom.

    -Trendy prints: A long way off from the solid black one-piece you might be picturing, fashion-forward one-pieces feature fun colors and cool prints to keep your suit anything but boring.

    -Sheer cut-outs: As an alternative to a straight-up cut out, designers are incorporating sheer panels for just a little peek, which is demure yet flirty.

    So take your pick – one-pieces these days are anything but boring! Have fun at the beach (and don't forget the sunscreen)!

  • Summer Wedding Looks

    Posted on July 13, 2016.


    So you’re invited to a summer wedding. Fun, right? Maybe an outdoor ceremony, maybe an open bar, and maybe even cute, single guys. But then the question comes. What to wear? It’s always difficult, but summer provides the challenge of likely being outdoors, and the line between too casual and too formal. This is why we’ve jotted down a couple guidelines to get you wedding ready:

    -The Flowy Maxi: Always a good option, just make sure it fits you comfortably. The maxi always leaves you in danger of being too loose and looking sloppy, or being too tight and ending up not very flattering (unless you’re Giselle Bundchen).

    -The Cute Floral Dress: Very summer, very sweet. We’d advise against anything too casual (as the slippery slope of casual is very steep with floral print), or anything too bright, since you’re already going with a print.

    -The Strapless: We love a good strapless dress, and there is no better time to show off those tan shoulders than in one of these babies. However, you are a wedding guest, so just make sure you aren’t bearing too much else of your body, since your top is already pretty low on coverage. We’d say, don’t go with a dress too short or a strapless with too much cleavage.

    -The LBD: Clearly, you can pull a Little Black Dress out any time of year, which is what makes it a staple to every woman’s wardrobe. We’d say offset the formality of a black dress with slightly casual details, like wedges rather than heels, or a pretty printed shawl. It’s summer, so let a little loose, even in black.

    At the end of the day, wear something that is true to you, and you won’t go wrong. Cheers!

  • Taylor Swift’s New Man!

    Posted on July 8, 2016.


    Taylor Swift’s love life has been fun to watch. She’s dated the likes of Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, and even John Mayer. Her last romance with Calvin Harris may have been the cutest, and she definitely upped her style game while she was with him, but they broke up earlier this year (tear).

    Not to worry, Tay Tay is already heating things up with a new man. Tom Hiddleston, a 35-year-old British actor, has stolen Taylor’s heart, and they’ve been parading their love around the globe, as they’ve been spotted together everywhere from Rome to Rhode Island. Taylor has reportedly “never felt this way before,” and we’re cautiously happy for her as we wait to see if this lasts.

    While they have already met each other’s parents (woahhh, they’ve only been together for about a month), there is a 9 year age difference. Also, while we are all for switching your style up every once in a while, we were loving edgy Tay from earlier this year, and she’s definitely been dressing like more of a Plain Jane since connecting with Hiddleston (cable knit sweaters?).

    Bottom line, we’re happy if she’s happy. And we’re excited to see this new romance unfold! Stay tuned…

  • We Adore Dory

    Posted on July 6, 2016.


    Browsing movies to check out? We highly recommend the just-released “Finding Dory.” This cute Pixar film features Ellen DeGeneres’ voice as Dory, a blue tang fish who hangs out with another big-name Pixar animated star, Nemo. This movie takes you on a funny yet heartfelt journey as Dory searches for her parents, who she was separated from early on in life. It doesn’t help that she loses her memory every 10 seconds. But her pals Nemo and Marlin help her on her search for her roots.

    We love this movie for actually making us laugh and sometimes, almost making us cry. We also love the Pixar detail of the sea – you actually feel like you are underwater at certain points. We seem to be in good company with loving this flick, as it crushed other big-name movies that had high expectations, grossing $50+ million by its third weekend in theaters. Not too shabby for a little blue tang. This one is definitely worth the watch – check it out, in theaters now!

  • Summer Trend: Braided Locks

    Posted on July 1, 2016.


    Summer is here, and the heat is on. Between the humidity and the heat, us girls just want to get our hair off of our skin, and buns get old fast. That’s where the hottest braid trends of the summer come in! Braids are cute, trendy, and thankfully, they are super easy. Here are a few braided styles to try out this summer:


    Braid Crowns – Yes, you’ve seen them before, but never have they been as trendy and on-point as they are right now. They’re exactly as they sound: a braid or series of braids along the front of your hairline. This look is nothing short of boho royalty.


    Accent Braids – These are nothing necessarily new either, but girls are creating all kinds of ways to make the accent braid fresh and unique. You can try an accent brand straight at your part along your side hairline, or a little further back into your hair. You can also braid in something fashion-forward, like a strand of turquoise ribbon. Slim or chunky, accent braids are a fun way to get your hair looking summery.


    Boxer Braid Pigtails – Made famous by none other than Khloe Kardashian, boxer braid pigtails are simply one or two tight braids against the scalp, merged into one pigtail as it reaches the neck. As demonstrated by Khloe, this seemingly simple look can totally be glammed up with the right makeup and outfit, but even without the glam, this is an excellent style to beat the heat in, and get long hair off of your neck.

    Of course, summer is all about braids and we are also looking forward to styling our hair in fishtail braids, French braids, and any other braid style that comes our way, but we just wanted to put you on to the trendiest braid styles of the moment! Enjoy!

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