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  • “Lemonade” is Finally Here

    Posted on April 27, 2016.


    Beyonce’s new album, “Lemonade,” just dropped on Saturday, and it’s already taking over the world. This album featuring all kinds of styles of music (everything from country to the club), and, being a visual album, has imagery to go with her words. It’s truly a masterpiece and a complete vision, and critics are hailing this album as her best work to date.

    What’s all the buzz about? There’s been buzz for a while about her single, “Formation,” which she famously performed at this year’s Super Bowl. It became such a topic because her back-up dancers were in Black Panthers outfits (which some people objected to), and because rather than her usual middle-ground pop content, this song teems with issues of racial inequality, essentially introducing us to a far different Beyonce than the teenager we met from Destiny’s Child so long ago.

    As people began to unpack the layers of “Lemonade,” there was much interest in Beyonce shedding light on a topic she usually doesn’t discuss in public: her marriage to Jay-Z, and those cheating rumors. While some of the lyrics do suggest a peek into her usually off-limits personal life, this album has proven to be so much more than that. Many are praising this album as the voice of black women in America, as her lyrics cover issues of race, being a woman, infidelity, motherhood, and politics. This is the crown jewel of all of Beyonce’s work to date, as she speaks her mind, and makes Lemonade out of lemons by giving a voice to many who have often been silenced. This serious dose of woman power is next level and Blush girl approved... check it out!

  • One Burn You Don’t Want To Feel (Ever)

    Posted on April 22, 2016.

    With Spring (and warm weather) in the air, we know you Blush girls cannot wait to get your tan on. We have to admit that being here in Miami, we’ve already been back to hitting the beach. But no worries, if you live elsewhere, sunny skies are headed your way! Which begs the question: how else can you prevent dreaded sunburn other than, well, sunscreen? Here are a few pro tips:

    -Sunscreen pills are all the rage in the dermatology world right now. These pills contain antioxidants that protect your skin from UV rays, and keep you from the messy goop that we know as sunscreen. While it’s best to use both, if you know yourself well enough to know you won’t wear sunscreen, this is a great alternative

    -Protect your scalp with a hat. And not just a boring, frumpy little beach hat, but a big, floppy, fabulous hat. These are so in right now, you’ll forget you are wearing it to protect your skin!

    -Do you like to play by the odds? If you have an iPhone or iWatch, you have one up on the sun with apps that tell you the current UV light exposure. This is definitely more preventative, in the same way you check if it’s raining before you leave the house on your iPhone, and it’s very technology forward, which we love.

    However, we do suggest wearing a sunscreen formulated for your face daily, regardless whether you’re intentionally tanning or not. You only get one face, and sun ages the skin quickly. So make sure to apply before heading out on any sunny-day adventures!

  • Coachella Style: What We Love!

    Posted on April 20, 2016.


    Coachella is here! In fact, we are sandwiched in between Coachella’s two weekends, so it’s the perfect time to discuss the best outfits to wear to this mega music fest! Here are some items that we highly recommend:

    -We love a fringed bikini top. Perfect for staying cool, and the fringe makes it just a little bit boho. Pair it with high-waisted denim shorts and gladiator sandals for a killer look.

    -We also love a cute little crochet dress, maybe with some tough boots for contrast, and a cute flower crown or hanging jewel crown to lighten the look.

    -Need another layer? Grab a flannel shirt and tie it around your waist, so you’ll have something to throw on when it gets a little later in the day.

    -Also trending is the patterned two-piece: either a form-fitting crop top and a little miniskirt or short shorts. The fun thing about this trend is that the patterns can match, or they can be delightfully mismatched for a slightly edgier look.

    What are you wearing for Weekend 2? And who can’t you wait to see perform?

  • 2016 MTV Movie Awards Recap

    Posted on April 15, 2016.

    attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

    It’s been quite the year in movies, and the 2016 MTV Movie Awards were a reflection of all the good and the bad in the world of movies, not to mention some awesome musical performances and some even more awesome fashion! Here were some of our favorite moments from the awards:

    -We loved the entrance by hosts Kevin Hart and The Rock, who paid tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road. This entrance was literally blazing hot, with a flaming guitar, smoke, fire, the WORKS! It was the perfect cinematic beginning to a night dedicated to film.

    -We loved seeing both Will Smith and Melissa McCarthy win special awards for their contributions to the film industry. Will Smith’s Generation Award and Melissa McCarthy’s Comedic Genius Award were both well-won, and Melissa actually crowd-surfed to the stage (best entrance ever).

    -Ok, we can’t even pretend we didn’t notice the fashion power trio of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Cara DeLevingne. Gigi Hadid debuted bangs and looked grown up yet glam in a feminine pinstripe suit and smokey eyes to match. Cara DeLevigne showed up big time in a velvet jumpsuit with cutouts in strategic and sexy places! But the fashion winner of the night was definitely Kendall Jenner, in a sheer hi-lo dress and maybe the strappiest shoes we’ve ever seen! She nailed it in this all-black, bombshell ensemble. Oh, and Gigi and Kendall introduced Ariana Grande’s performance, and Ariana killed it as well.

    So many great moments, whether or not you’re a film buff… we’re already counting the days until next year’s awards! Maybe we can fill the time with tracking down whoever gave Gigi Hadid that glam haircut!

  • Prom Perfect

    Posted on April 13, 2016.



    Prom is the ultimate pinnacle of high school, and all of us girls dream of that perfect evening. Of course, a lot of preparation goes into creating this special night, so we have created a little checklist to follow to make sure you have the prom of your dreams!

    €        -Look for a dress several months in advance. This will ensure the biggest variety of dresses, and also offer you plenty of time to get the dress tailored or altered, if need be.

    €       - Look for a limo far in advance as well. This will allow you to figure out how many people will be in the limo, and be more affordable than getting a limo at the last minute.

    €        -Shop around for a prom photographer. These are pictures that you’ll be keeping forever, so make sure you get a photographer that shows off your best self!

    €       - Secure your hair and nail appointments a good 1 ½-2 months in advance! You can’t afford to miss out on appointments that will leave you glowing on prom day.

    €        -Shop around for the little details, like shoes, jewelry, etc. Give yourself time to do this so that you can find just the right pieces.

    €        -Figure out who your date is! If someone you like asks you, great (and if so, now would be the time to share color palettes to make sure you coordinate on prom night)! If you plan on going solo, that’s great too. And guess what? It’s 2016. If there’s someone you want to go with, it never hurts to ask!

    €        -Last but definitely not least, have an unforgettable evening with your friends! Take lots of pictures, and be safe so that you can enjoy your special night to the fullest!

  • Trend Alert: Chokers Are In Style Again

    Posted on April 6, 2016.


    While we’re loving (and raving about) 90s fashion being back in full effect, we definitely saved our absolute favorite trend for last. So simple, yet such a statement… yes, we are talking about the return of chokers! This trendy neck accessory, which most memorably dates back to the “Clueless” peak of 90s fashion, has been a big hit with celebrities lately. We’ve spotted them on Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and most of the Kardashians (Kendall is an especially big fan), and we’ve seen celebs sport everything from simple black chokers to more glittering varieties. That’s what is so great about this particular trend – you can make a choker as big or small a piece of your ensemble as you like. Most opt for the simple black choker, just because it’s virtually the most versatile accessory ever created.

    And while it was unfortunately considered a bit outdated for the past 15 years or so, those days are over. That’s right, dress up jeans and a sexy tank with a black velvet choker. Sparkle in an evening gown with a jeweled choker. Just promise us one thing… that you’ll rock this sexy trend, now that it’s finally back in style!

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