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  • Zayn Malik: Solo and Hotter Than Ever

    Posted on March 30, 2016.


    Hottie Zayn Malik has had quite the transformational year. Our favorite One Direction member famously exited the boy band a year ago, saying he needed time to himself. We were scared this cutie would be out of the public eye for good. But no fear! He’s still here, and hotter than ever.

    In fact, he’s just released his first solo album, called “Mind of Mine,” that has much more influence from R&B and hip hop than One Direction’s music ever had, which allows his voice to shine. The first single, “Pillowtalk,” featured hot model Gigi Hadid, and yes, they totally got together in real life and are now a couple. While we can’t help but be a little jealous (Who wouldn’t be? Look at those eyes! That smile!), we think they look amazing together and wish them the best.

    So we’d have to say Zayn’s solo transformation was definitely an overall win, and we look forward to seeing much more of him for a long time (and not just in our dreams).

  • Prep Your Bod for Summer

    Posted on March 23, 2016.

    The official arrival of spring means that summer is right around the corner. Like, we can see it from here. With that comes preparation! After all, most of us have been hibernating the past few months. Here are some tips to get your body prepped for a hot summer.

    1)      -It’s hard to get back into a regular exercise routine, but the slight spike in temperature that spring brings definitely helps. Get outside for a quick 5 minute jog, and a longer run won’t seem so daunting in a couple weeks, when it’s even NICER out!

    2)    -  Prep your skin. Now might be the time to apply a fake tan so that you can start a base tan without burning. It’s also the time to make sure your skin is being moisturized, as there will be more skin to show off in coming months. Drink water to make your skin even more lusciously moisturized.

    3)   -   Take care of the little details. Get a pedicure as we go into open-toed shoe (and beach!) season. Shave those legs, you no longer need the extra warmth! If you’ve fallen out of a waxing routine, start up again now so that you’ll be a pro again by the time it’s prime-time bikini season.

    4)  -   To help reach your #bodygoals, start eating fresher and stay away from processed fast food if you can. A lot of yummy fruits are coming back into season, so take advantage and eat fresh.

    5)    -   While ideally we’d all get up early every morning and kill our workout, this is often not the case. First of all, go easy on yourself, and don’t have an all-or-nothing mentality. Do what you can. Secondly, a great little trick is to do a toning workout (maybe sit-ups or bicep curls) the same day or day before you know you’ll be showing off some skin. Not the same as a daily workout, but it can show quick results.

    Happy spring!

  • Amazing Summer Vacay Destinations

    Posted on March 18, 2016.


    Summer is a great time to take a break from your daily reality, and go somewhere new. We’ve compiled a quick list of places we’re dying to visit this summer:

    Bahamas – For us here in Miami, this is an easy one. The Bahamas, just a couple hours by boat away from us, offer white sand beaches and an island vibe. This is also the cheapest time of year to visit, as it’s their down season. Say no more, we’ll be there.

    Chicago – Finally out of the bitter cold season, it’s time to visit this foodie town and try out their famous culinary scene (they are, after all, home to deep-dish pizza) and check out the gorgeous skyline. A mini-trip to Lake Michigan is also always an option when in Chicago.

    Costa Rica – If you really want to get away, we suggest this lush, tropical eco-paradise, located in nearby Central America. This up-and-coming getaway spot is becoming increasingly popular as visitors can hike around and take in everything from volcanoes to waterfalls. This one’s an adventure, but one you’ll never forget!

  • Hottie Alert: Austin Swift

    Posted on March 16, 2016.


    There are many reasons to love Taylor Swift, and we’ve recently discovered yet another reason: her super hot younger brother, Austin. Yep, our newest heartthrob is none other than the little brother of the “Shake It Off” star. And although he’s very handsome, with blonde curls and blue eyes, there’s more to love than just his looks.

    For one, he’s smart! He just graduated from Notre Dame last year. We love an educated guy! Also, he may be younger than Taylor (he’s 24), but Austin shows he’s protective of his big sis, most recently by trashing a sold-out pair of Yeezys after Kanye said something not-so-flattering about Taylor in one of his latest songs. Smart, cute, and loyal? Yes please… we’re in love!

  • Beauty Trick We Love: “Baking” Your Face

    Posted on March 9, 2016.


    We just learned a beauty trick that has changed our lives forever, and of course, we want to share it with all our Blush girls. It’s called “baking” your face, but don’t worry, no oven torture required. It’s this simple:

    -Apply make-up as you usually do.

    -Apply a heavy amount of concealer across your face under the eyes, extending to cheekbones, which should form upside-down triangles all the way to the middle of your cheeks. Blend the concealer with a sponge.

    -Cover the layer of concealer with a heavy amount of translucent powder.

    -Let it bake! Let the powder sit on your face for 10 minutes to let the make-up work with your body temperature to naturally melt into your skin.

    -Dust off the extra powder, and voila! You have perfect, crease-free skin.

    Why are people raving about this application style? Well, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist uses this method on her, and if anyone looks like they have flawless skin, it’s her.

    We definitely think this trick is worth a try… we’ll be “baking” again soon!

  • Finally! Leo Gets His Oscar

    Posted on March 2, 2016.


    After being nominated for an Oscar many times, but never snagging the coveted Best Actor in a Drama award this year! While there is much speculation as to why it took this long for such a talented actor to win, The Revenant star won his long-overdue recognition at the Academy Awards this year. After so many years of being overlooked, many predicted this was his year. Still, the emotion was high for those watching the awards and seeing him finally have his moment. His Titanic co-star, Kate Winslet, was visibly overtaken with emotion, her eyes welling up with tears as his name was announced.

    Ever the activist, Leo used his time in the spotlight not only to thank his supporters, but to urge everyone to pay attention to climate change. This is an issue that hits especially close to us Miamians here at Blush, so we heard him loud and clear. It's true, the climate is changing rapidly, and it's time to think about future generations and how we're affecting our planet in the here and now.

    But more than anything, we were happy to cheer on Leo for winning his long-awaited award! Well done, Leo!!

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