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  • Kylie’s Evolving Hair Styles!

    Posted on February 26, 2016.

    yAside from Rihanna, we can’t think of any other starlet that has played with her hair styles and colors as much as Miss Kylie Jenner. While she originally stepped into the spotlight at around 15 years old with long, dark, and bouncy tresses, she quickly let her style evolve to include different lengths and colors. We totally dig her adventurous spirit, and while we adore some looks more than others, we say, try any trend once (and Kylie certainly has!). Some of our favorite Kylie looks include…

    -Ombre, ombre, and more ombre. She has experimented with different levels of ombre on different lengths of hair, and we’d definitely say this is one of her go-to looks

    -Straight and shiny. Lately resembling Kim more than ever, Kylie has been going for ultra-straight hair with a sheen to it, the picture of healthy and polished hair. Of course, she looks amaze.

    -All colors of the rainbow. From platinum blonde to cotton candy pink to cool minty green, Kylie has proven she isn’t afraid to color her locks any shade that comes her way. The mint hair was surprisingly pretty and almost ethereal looking.

    Most of all, we love Kylie’s ability to try out new trends. She totally embodies the ultimate Blush girl: fashion-forward, trendy, and willing to embrace fashion risks. We’re definitely keeping an eye on what she does next with her tresses!

  • Rihanna Wants You To “Work”

    Posted on February 23, 2016.


    By now, you’ve probably seen Rihanna’s latest video, “Work,” featuring former flame Drake. This dancehall-inspired song has a steamy video to go with it. Rihanna is wearing a dress that has a slit along the side reaching all the way to her abdomen, and killer gladiator shoes – she looks ready for the island party of a lifetime. This song is so catchy, and the video feels like a tropical breeze, set in a dancehall restaurant/club, where everyone looks to be having a blast.

    Of course, one can’t help but wonder, what’s up with Rihanna and Drake? They famously dated briefly in 2010, followed by a major falling out, including a brawl between Drake and Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown, at a nightclub. Since then, we haven’t heard too much about them as a couple, although they’ve each increased their star power an exponential amount since their original hook up. With the release of “Work,” there are whispers that this couple is back on. They definitely display major, undeniable chemistry in the video, but only time will tell if they are back together.

    Either way, we are loving this Caribbean-flavored track, and can’t wait to dance to it on our next girl’s night out. Love it!

  • Grammys 2016: Fashion Round-Up

    Posted on February 19, 2016.


    With the 2016 came some of the best red carpet fashion we’ve seen so far this year! While there were so (and we mean sooooo) many amazing looks to choose from, here were a few of our favorites:grammys-2016-taylor-swift-02

    -Taylor Swift hit a high note in her Versace get-up: a tangerine bandeau top and a dramatic fuchsia hi-lo layered skirt, we can only say WOW to how far this country girl has come in fashion. Her Lorraine Schwartz jewels were the perfect complement to her attire.


    -Chrissy Teigen looked angelic in an embellished white gown which totally showed off her baby bump. A sexy side slit along the leg was the only bit of skin she showed off, and a pretty cape topped off the look. Lovely look for a mom to be! GettyImages-510541780-1455641830


    -In possibly our favorite look of the night, Selena Gomez stole the show in a deep blue sequin Calvin Klein gown with so many amazing cut-outs that we were beside ourselves. The strappy back was pure heaven. Take that, Biebs!​

    Of course, there were many more looks we loved. All of these gals were fashion winners in our book!

  • Obsession: Rainbow Bagels!!

    Posted on February 17, 2016.



    While most of our interest in colors and patterns lies in the fashion world, we can’t help but be fascinated by the food world’s latest obsession: rainbow bagels! This New York City staple food became fun when The Bagel Store, in Brooklyn, NY, began creating swirly, rainbow-colored bagels. With wait times of 2-4 hours to get into the store and order a bagel, these seemingly simple creations have absolutely blown up overnight.

    Why so popular? Well, they’re definitely something different, and in this age of Instagram and Snapchat and all the other places we love showing off our food, rainbow bagels fit perfectly into that world. And with the company creating the bagels reportedly unable to keep up with shipping demands for orders of these unique bagels, we guess we’ll have to wait until trying them ourselves. We think someone should try this out here in Miami… after all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

    Either way, we can’t wait to get our hands on these psychedelic bites at some point (and maybe take a Snapchat or two).

  • Blue Steel is Back!

    Posted on February 12, 2016.



    Ok, so Zoolander was one of those movies that we totally quoted forever, because it was that hilarious. Best news ever: Zoolander 2 has officially hit theaters! All of your old faves are back: Hansel (Owen Wilson), the evil Mugatu (Will Ferrell), and of course, the greatest male model of all time, Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller). This sequel also features Penelope Cruz and a slew of fun cameos (we'll keep the celebs that popped up a surprise!)


    In this hilarious sequel, Zoolander and Hansel reunite on a mission to save the world's most beautiful people, who have been dying in a string of mysterious selfie deaths (Justin Beiber's selfie is definitely the cutest!).


    Although this movie hasn't gotten the praise that the original Zoolander received, it's still hilarious. Part of the criticism may have to do with the original Zoolander coming out 15 years ago (!), so a younger audience may not be in on some of the jokes and the strange humor that makes Zoolander so special! Others have said that there are too many references to the fashion industry that some audiences may not understand. Being fluent in fashion, us Blush girls loved these little nods to the industry.


    We say, see this movie! You'll die of laughter, promise!

  • Justin Beiber on GQ!

    Posted on February 10, 2016.


    Is it hot in here, or is it Justin Beiber’s GQ cover? If you haven’t seen it, check it out, as it’s on newsstands now. We guarantee you’ll be a Belieber, if you aren’t already.

    What’s to love about this cover? He looks every bit the pop star that he has become. The highlights with dark roots, the funky suit, the bling on his fingers… we could go on. And while he’s always been coming up as a teen heartthrob, we see a man emerging, in the form of facial hair! Yep, Beibs is officially THE man.

    While the cover is amazing, the article is also full of juicy deets on Bieber’s life. We won’t give anything away, but we will say it’s quite the read. Check it out!

  • Stars: They Look Just Like Us!

    Posted on February 5, 2016.


    While writing our blog on how to keep your skin looking fresh, we started to think about how celebs always look flawless (even at the airport!). And while there are plenty of stars that are naturally gorgeous, it doesn’t hurt that they have their own personal, around the clock makeup artists. We looked up some pictures of stars without makeup, and realized they look a whole lot like us without makeup! Take a look at these pics of some of the most gorgeous celebs, sans makeup.


    kylie jennifer aniston shakira jlo nicole richie

    See, they really do look just like us, when you take away the glam factor! A little smoky eye goes a long way! Check out YouTube for how-to videos to do makeup like your favorite celebs, and you’ll be mistaken for a Hollywood starlet in no time!

  • The 3 Most Basic Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Fresh

    Posted on February 3, 2016.


    The struggle for a fresh face is real, especially when your skin tends to be oily or dry. However, there are some things that can help any type of skin to absolutely glow. Here are 3 of our most basic tips, and alternative tricks to try.

    -Sunscreen! Not just to keep your skin from being red and dry, but to stop early aging. This one is a must! If you’re on the run often, get a foundation that contains sunscreen for a one-stop-shop to gorgeous skin.

    -Hydration – another must. When water fills the skin cells on your face, your skin looks youthful and healthy. Spritz some lemon or cucumber in your water for flavor. When you’re not drinking enough water, use a spring water mist (Evian has a nice one) as an alternative.

    -Rest! Your skin needs to revitalize itself while you’re dreaming, so make sure to get your zzz’s. If you miss a good night’s sleep, concealer under your eyes does wonders for bags, and a little bit of shiny silver eyeshadow on the inner eyelids is a good way to brighten your eyes.

    These are the basics to flawless skin… keep shining, gorgeous!

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