Packing Lunch, Veggie Style

You’re at work, you’re looking for an easy to make, easy to pack lunch, and you want it to be healthy. What to do? Make a veggie sandwich! Packed with the right veggies, these sandwiches can be more filling (and way more delicious) than you’d ever imagine. Don’t believe us? Try out any of our three latest lunch obsessions:

-Rainbow Vegetable Sandwich – Think brightly colored veggies, like red and yellow peppers, onions, cucumbers, and lettuce. Voila, you have the most colorful lunch out of anyone at your job. Lather on a spread of your choice for an extra dose of mmm.

-Ultimate Vegetable Sandwich – The idea here is to pack on as many veggies as humanly possible. That’s right, ALL the veggies. Tomatoes, avocados, sprouts, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers... just keep stacking and layering veggies for the ultimate effect.

-Veggie & Hummus Sandwich – Hummus pairs well with just about any vegetable, but especially with cucumbers, carrots, and sprouts. This sandwich is probably the easiest transition into the world of veggie sandwiches, because who doesn’t love hummus?

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