Calling All Capricorns: This Is Your Year

Okay, Capricorn ladies, it’s currently your time to shine! While birthday celebrations may currently be underway, we wanted to help shine a little light on the new year to come, and what 2018 holds for your sign.

Get ready, because this year is all about change! While this may be a little scary, just remember that the only constant is change, and that if you face the changes ahead of you head on, you have lots of growth to look forward to. In particular, the coming year will be bringing you new opportunities. Scratch that – the year won’t actually be bringing you anything. You’ll be facing new opportunities thanks to the hard work you’ve consistently put in over the past year. Ever the independent sign, you’ll be tempted to capitalize on these opportunities by yourself, but this year, perhaps the greatest change of all that you’ll face is that you’ll have to rely on friends and contacts to make true progress. Trust that the network of people in your life have got your back, and you’ll be able to do much more than you ever would be able to do going at it alone.

That said, this is the year to get it! Go for that new job! Make that move across the country! This is the year to really make it count, as the stars are aligned in your favor. Get it, girl! - Women's clothing, fashion, apparel and accessories with six Miami area locations.