New Year’s Resolutions for Real Women!

Ahh, New Year’s resolutions… we love to make them, but we usually end up breaking them! We decided to look for some really solid ones that could become more of a lifestyle than some quick thing we start that is destined to fail. For example, a lot of people resolve to go on a diet. This works usually until you are confronted with your first plate of cheese fries! That is because you’ve constricted yourself rather than adopt a more broadly healthy lifestyle. Here are some resolutions that will make 2018 your best year yet:

-Indulge in a Hobby: This one is easy and hard at the same time. We all have things we like to do, but not many of us make time for those things. Make the time, because the things you are passionate about are what connects you back to yourself in the midst of work and other obligations. Be it a jewelry making class or finally trying out martial arts, follow your heart to what makes you feel happy.

-Travel: No one’s asking you to forget about work and become a globetrotter, but traveling opens up your mind to new places, customs, and ideas, and if you can just take one trip within the next year, we guarantee you’ll be happy you went. Where is a place you’ve always wanted to see? They say the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page…. Food for thought!

-Integrate a Healthier Lifestyle: Rather than set a rigorous workout/diet plan that will be easy to give up on, just make little changes that you are comfortable with. Hate the gym? Go on a walk when you feel like it. Eat lots of fast food? Check out healthier options that appeal to you. Many meat eaters do not realize how delicious veggie burgers actually are! Let yourself be adventurous this year, and figure out what healthy living means to you.

-Face Your Finances: Many of us simply turn our cheek on debts and other things that cause financial stress. This just leads to more worry, because we really don’t know the truth about our finances, and then more worry, because we have no plan when we don’t know the facts, and that leaves us feeling defenseless. Girl, it’s time to shine a light on your finances and make a plan to get where you want to be! We promise it’s not as scary as it seems!

-Be Present: Enjoy the little things each day brings. When you’re worrying about the future or regretting things in the past, the current moment gets stolen from you. Make a point to bring yourself back to the NOW, and relish in little things like a good cup of coffee or catching up with an old friend.

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