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Say Goodbye To The “Girls”

Last Sunday, your favorite “Girls” said goodbye to HBO, and to all of us, as the series finale aired. Sad, yes. But this last episode tied up a lot of loose ends, and maybe more than anything, showed us the first glimpse of Hannah stepping into the true grown-up world, a world where she could see past herself and tend to the needs of her newborn baby, Grover.

While we watched the Girls make many a mistake through their 20s, this final episode cleared the air as to whose friendship was long-term, and who had matured in ways that would take them down different paths. It was great to see Marnie really show up as Hannah’s best friend, and interesting to see Hannah’s mother give her a speech about motherhood, only for Hannah to relay the same message to a young girl she meets at the park.

This show, throughout its run, took a lot of heat for lack of ethnic diversity and for its focus on self-obsessed millennials. However, it was a big win for women overall, as it focused on women’s issues in a more realistic way than many shows created before it.  This was maybe most evident once Hannah became pregnant unexpectedly, and, once Grover was born, portrayed her stumbling through new motherhood on her own, seemingly fighting with her own instinct to put her child’s needs above all else. The episode ending on a touching note, with Grover finally breastfeeding from Hannah, finally accepting her as his mother, and her finally accepting this new stage of life.

We’ll miss you, “Girls”…thanks for the memories.