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Beauty & The Beast: Back, and Better Than Ever

For those of us Blush girls who grew up in the golden days of Disney princess movies, our favorites have felt untouchable. From The Little Mermaid (which is coming soon as a live-action movie) to Sleeping Beauty, we loved our princesses fiercely.

Well, our favorite “tale as old as time” had reincarnated from its 1991 Disney cartoon movie to the live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” in theaters now. And we’re very pleased to say that it is a job well done! Starring Emma Watson as the lovely Belle, this screenplay features great special effects in bringing the Beast (Dan Stevens) to the big screen. And Emma totally nailed it as the brainy, beautiful Belle.

All of your favorites are brought back to life, from Gaston to Mrs. Potts, and there are brand new songs added to the original score. We’d say this is pretty much as magical as we would have hoped.

Now we’re just waiting for the live-action version of The Little Mermaid to hit theaters this summer, and we’ll officially be in Disney princess heaven!