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Quick & Easy Beauty Routines

Makeup is one of the main reasons it rules to be a female. With the flick of a wand, you can recreate your whole look (guys are pretty much limited to getting their eyebrows in order). Here are some basic beauty routines to keep in your arsenal, and to keep your look on fleek at all times:

-If you have only 5 minutes to get yourself together, choose these three cosmetics to uplift your look: undereye concealer, mascara, and bronzer. Done!

-Make sure to remove your makeup every night to avoid buildup and acne; also, as makeup remover can be drying, so don’t forget to moisturize your skin after you remove your makeup! Full circle, ladies!

-Night time is an excellent time to apply rejuvenating creams to your face. Research a cream that will help you with whatever you’d like to improve on your skin, and splurge for it. Literally think about how little effort it takes. Apply cream of your choice to your face, sleep for 8 hours. Just do it!

-ALWAYS make sure you have red lipstick in your bag. This one item can literally take you from day to whatever type of night you want to have!

-Best beauty tip of all? Drink lots of water & stay hydrated! This keeps your skin cells refreshed in a way that no beauty cream can! Second best tip? Sunscreen every day (yes, even in winter!)! This is the best way to prevent sun damage and premature aging to your skin! After all, you need a good foundation to start off any makeup routine.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile — it’s your best accessory!